Welcome to the Net Zero Toolkit

Thank you for your interest in our Net Zero Toolkit and the associated Net Zero Cards.

These resources have been designed to complement the Scottish Episcopal Church Net Zero Action Plan (2023-2030) approved by General Synod in June 2023.

This updated version of the toolkit aims to:

  • Provide an overview of Net Zero, how the Scottish Episcopal Church has defined this, and the values that have guided the approach.
  • Help churches identify specific tasks that they can take in order to work towards Net Zero 2030.
  • Demonstrate where help and support are available, including third party tools and resources.
  • Provide a simple guide to the process - recognising that no one size fits all.

Getting started

With so much work to do, it can be hard to know where to start. The ten core objectives of the Net Zero Action Plan (or petals as we call them) are broken down into a number of tasks and set of steps, which can be built upon progressively and realistically. There are a number of basic tasks that can be easily accomplished by all - indeed many churches will find that they are doing these already.

This toolkit is intended primarily for congregations but dioceses, provincial bodies and individuals may also find it helpful.

The Scottish Episcopal Church's 10 task areas, called petals

Jump to the ‘Toolkit Structure’ menu item to understand how all the parts fit together or go directly to a PETALS menu item if you’re eager to start some action!

Work in Progress

This toolkit will change as you tell us your experiences with it. Please tell us how to improve it by email.

We hope you will share your good practices with us and with your Diocese and local community so we can all support each other.

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