The Steps

When it comes to actions that affect your premises, sustainability experts say there is an ideal order. For instance, any changes that address heat loss in a building usually come before specifying a new decarbonised heating system, because the heating system can then be smaller. To make it easier to understand the order, we indicate this order using five “steps”.

If a task or card isn’t assigned to a step, there is no recommended order and you can take it at any time without considering other prior actions.

PLEASE NOTE: The steps identified below connect with just the categories (Petals) of Energy Efficiency Improvements and Clean Energy - priority areas outlined in the Net Zero Action Plan (2023-2030). Incorporation of other Petals (Categories) will be included in the future.

Basic Actions
Actions that are so fundamental every congregation should try to do them. These make it easier to get the rest right.
Reduce Energy Demand
Actions that will stop energy wastes now without waiting to make big changes to your building.
Address Heat Loss
Actions that will stop heat being lost from your building. You need to take these if you're trying to heat the air but they're much less important if you're only heating the people.
Actions to replace heating systems that use fossil fuels with ones that can use renewable energy sources.
Generate Energy
Actions to produce energy right on your premises, to take a load off the grid.