How to Use the Cards

The cards are best explored in groups of six to eight people. Physical cards work best, but you can also try this online.

Spread the cards on the table and go around the room, allowing each person to choose a card in turn and placing them into three areas:

  1. Actions we should definitely take
  2. Actions that aren’t for us - because we’ve taken them or they don’t suit our building and how we intend to use it in future
  3. Actions we are unsure about

Leave time at the end of your session together to think about what happens next. For actions you should take, who should do that, and when? For actions you are unsure about, how will you find more information so you can make a decision? Do you need more time to think about it together or to take the views of other people?

You’ll want to document what happens without disturbing the game. We provide a template for this:

One person could take notes about what actions belong in each section, why, and who will do what as a result, possibly directly into the template. Some groups prefer to record audio snippets with what they’ve agreed about each card and have someone fill out the planning template afterwards.