The Petals

The toolkit is organised into a number of “petals”, or broad areas for action. You can click on a petal below to find out what it contains.

Energy Efficiency Improvements
Reduce Energy Demand and address heat loss
Clean Energy
Move away from oil/gas heating (decarbonise) and shift to verified renewable energy tariff
Thriving Biodiversity
A place of refuge for nature to thrive
Active Travel
Reduce work-related travel by clergy and church staff in fossil-fuelled transport
Zero Waste
Reject, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore
Shared Governance
Creating the enabling conditions that allow our Net Zero 2030 Action Plan to flourish
Training & Education
Create a competence of climate literacy across our organisation
Rooted Worship
Embed the fifth mark of mission more fully in liturgy, rituals, and all forms of worship
Positive Finances
Supporting you with access to the financial resources needed to transition to net zero
Build A Movement
Joining hands with others - contributing to an ecosystem of change makers across Scotland