Using the Net Zero Cards

Our Net Zero Cards describe actions you can take that will reduce your energy use and move your charge towards Net Zero. For now, they only cover Energy Efficiency Improvements, Clean Energy, and Positive Finances, the priority areas from our Net Zero Action Plan.

You can order a pack of cards from your local Diocesan Office, and we would encourage you to return the cards once you are finished so other Churches can use them. Please contact the General Synod Office of the Scottish Episcopal Church if you have any problems getting hold of a deck.

Physical Pack of the Net Zero Cards

The cards are also available online in this section. The online cards have links to further information that will help you understand and do the action on the card.

We recommend you use the cards within our Net Zero Workshops because that will give you some important basic concepts and the time and space to come to community agreement about what to do, but it is possible to use them without. The cards might also interest your congregation in thinking about change.

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