The Cards

Each “task” has a number of cards that have specific actions congregations can take, to make action easy. Not all cards are right for every congregation - but thinking about them will help you do the right things for you.

You can use the printed card pack to play a game to do your planning. This works better and is more fun than having a meeting.

The cards currently cover actions to do with energy use in your buildings.

Maintain buildings and keep them dry
Provide maintenance contact details
Keep maintenance records and plan for change
Consider your worship patterns and where you meet
Share your building
Get energy assessments for your buildings
Use smart meters
Check your thermostat and its location
Check your frost arrangements
Check your frost arrangements
Reduce the hot water temperature
Review heating and hot water timings
Limit access to heating controls
Disable the heating in summer
Restrict access to heating plant
Control your fan convectors
Turn down your boiler thermostat
Update your boiler controls
Turn off hot water preheat
Maintain your radiators and fan convectors
Zone your heating
Reduce the size of heated spaces
Cluster users together
Force the lights or heating off
Put countdown timers on big electrics
Update your lighting
Change to point-of-use hot water on demand
Create a draught lobby
Close doors between heated and unheated spaces
Draughtproof the building
Improve or install extractor fans
Add close-fitting thermal curtains or blinds
Get the ventilation right
Place foil behind radiators
Insulate under the ground floor
Insulate the roof
Insulate the walls
Insulate hot pipes and tanks
Make surfaces warmer
Replace single glazing with double or triple
Install secondary glazing
Install temporary secondary glazing
Install heated seating
Add or switch to radiant heating
Replace your boiler with a heat pump
Connect to a district heating network
Switch to a verified green electricity tariff
Turn sunshine into electricity
Get a grant
Offset your carbon use
Track temperature and relative humidity
Choose a heating approach