Net Zero Desired Outcomes

The Net Zero Action Plan (2023-2030) approved by General Synod in June 2023 has a number of specific desired outcomes which collectively we are aiming to achieve.

Please use this as a guide to prioritise your actions accordingly.

Outcomes:PETAL: Energy Efficiency Improvements
O1.175% of charges have energy audit/assessments in their churches & halls by 2025, 95% by 2028
O1.2All charges have energy efficient lighting systems installed by 2025
O1.3EPC audits for rectories carried out by spring 2024, with a roll-out plan in place for upgrades by end 2024.
O1.435% of rectories achieve minimum EPC rating C by 2025, 75% by 2028
Outcomes:PETAL: Clean Energy
O2.195% of all charges, offices have switched to verified 100% renewable electricity tariff by 2026 or at point of contract renewal (whichever is sooner - subject to market conditions)
O2.2No new oil heating boiler installations in all buildings from 2024
O2.395% of all new heating installations in buildings are zero direct emissions by 2024, 100% by 2028
O2.43% of all heating systems are zero direct emissions by 2026, 85% by 2029
Outcomes:PETAL: Active Travel
O4.130% of all clergy/staff work-related travel via active travel, public transport or Electric Vehicle by 2026, 70% by 2030
Outcomes:PETAL: Shared Goverance
O6.185% of charges complete Energy Footprint Tool returns on an annual basis by 2024, 100% by 2025 - posting annual updates inside church buildings.
O6.2Initial Diocesan Net Zero Action Plans drafted and received at Diocesan Synod by 2024
O6.3Top 25% of energy-consuming charges have contextual Net Zero Action Plan drafted by 2025, moving towards completing measures identified therein by 2030.
O6.4PEG to publicly report aggregate province carbon emissions to General Synod on an annual basis by 2024.
O6.5Making use of data from aggregated annual Energy Footprint Tool returns, dioceses publicly report diocese-level carbon emissions to Diocesan Synod annually by 2024
O6.6Dioceses have net zero related working group in place by end 2023, with desired outcomes monitored by Diocesan Standing Committee from 2024
O6.7PEG to review and update this Net Zero Action Plan (2023-2030) at least every 3 years (2026, 2029, 2032) presenting changes to General Synod.